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Re: Swirlies

Ok, I just want someone to clarify this for me.. are or are not the 
Swirlies playing w/ ET? I can't imagine them playing but if I missed
them cause I didn't bother to ask I would be pissed. This is the first
I have heard about the Swirlies on this bill (final show).. oh well, 
don't post it to the net, just mail me please.
Rescue us from Brendan.

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Mark Dunkley wrote:

> >When you say that the Swirlies opening up for Eric's Trip is a crock, do 
> >you mean that it should be the other way around?  I would agree, sorry to 
> >all who love ET, but I could never get into them.  When they were 
> >supposed to play at the blind pig in Ann Arbor with the Swirlies, and 
> >then wrecked the whole show, I was so pissed.  the Swirlies are genius, I 
> >can't think of a better east coast band than the Swirlies besides Sloan 
> >of course.
> Sorry, but the main intention of the show is ERIC'S TRIP final show.
> Naturally you would assume that they would be headlining.
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