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Was this beaten to death yet?

Not too sure what's gone on here since unsubscribing due to the summer 
and a lack of non-EastCoast tolerance (old issue, must turn on filter in 
brain to avoid further conflict), but here's my 2 cents:
Reading the shittiest paper in the world this morning, I almost puked up 
my bagel when I saw the article on Eric's Trip breaking up.  It wasn't a 
huge surprise to see it in the Pree.  After all, this is the paper that 
was reporting Sloan's breakup before it happened even tho it never ever 
has dedicated much space to alternative music.  But still, reading about 
ET's breakup, which we knew in Winnipeg since December, I think, is not 
fun to see first thing in the morning.  Made me sick.  Its just sad I can 
never see them live again.  Their new stuff was nowhere near their old 
stuff (I still don't like Purple Blue.  Sorry, its too individualistic - 
its basically all of them doing solo stuff with ET as the backing band).  
I can only wait for their old EP's to be rereleased, which hopefully will 
happen soon.
The good news is, the video for Sloan's new song ROCKS!!!  Well, I don't 
really like the 30 minute intro, but the rest is tres bon.  And the song 
is really really good too.  Just hope the rest of the CD is like that.
And, what else can be better than seeing Orange Glass and Julie here on 
July 6th?  Shit, its my big chance to finally see some Orange Glass.  
Somebody prepare me.  I need a mentor.  I need coaching.  I need a stiff 
Oh yeah..um..anyone here see the ET last show in Halifax?  Email me and 
tell me how it was.  And anyone finally get ET boots or OLD OLD stuf they 
wanna trade?

Appease the Internet gods: put a slice of Velveeta in your diskdrive.