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this is what i think

i got "one chord to another" on  monday, after winning it on a radio 
phone in contest over the weekend. anyway the new cd is really good. 
the songs are more like the ones found on twice remove, unlike the 
first single "the good in everyone" may lead you to believe a sound 
reminisce of smeared. one chord to another is more of a showcase of 
sloan's song writing ability. this disc won me over after a few 
listens, (it grew on me) by the catchy lyrics and chords that when 
played   with each other create "fun" music. they have 
traded their guitar feedback for a softer sound that sloan could only 
get to work. my favorite song on the disc is: g turns to d. -it 
one of more upbeat and fast songs on the disc that has lyrics and 
rhymes that are infectious. i wish knew what the song is about?