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the superfriendz in montreal

uhhh.....ya.....wasn't the superfriendz supposed to be playing with GVB and
RRJ??? i thought so.
my friend and i paid our 15 bucks cuz we wanted to interview the friendz
and all for our 'zine...but to our dismay.....they didn't even show
up....and me with my camera....dammit.  i wanted to see superfriendz
sooooooo much.....ya so i've seen them five zillion times already....who
cares.  needless to say.....GVB and RRJ were great....
who ever was respondsible for posting the "fact" that the superfriendz
would play here as well as toronto....must die. :(

i remain,

PS: oh ya.....that would be Matt who goes crazy and jumps off the
drums......the first show i saw,he also broke his guitar.....what a rock
star, man!!!!

>the Super Friendz are very close to becoming arena rock stars like the local
>rabbits.  they played too quickly, if they had little breaks inbetween
>songs, maybe it wouldn't have gone by so quickly.  whoever usually jumps off
>of the drumkit, didn't like everybody says he does.