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Re: superfriendz

Hey there sloan netters, what it is.

>   i'm surprised no one who went to the Guided By
> Voices show in toronto the other day mentioned
> the fact that matt murphy said something about a new
> EP coming out. i think he said it was called "Play
> the game, not games".

Yeah, I think that was the name of it.  I believe that they played two new
songs off of it.  The first one had the word machine in it.  It was pretty
cool.  That was the first time I'd actually seen The Superfriendz play, and
let me say it was quite a treat.  Matt was really into the rock star moves.  

> ps- don't listen to brian, GbV were great!!

GBV were great but they didn't need to play that second encore, or maybe I
just felt bad about staying because my friend had to be up at 5:30 in the
morning for work.  Oh and was anyone else as surprised at the transformation
of that kid when he started singing with them?  I guess it's just the power
of rock and roll :)

later my soul brothers and sisters
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