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Sappy Tour Dates So Far...

Here's what is *confirmed*

Sappy Tour
Broken Girl, Orange Glass, Moonsocket & Snailhouse

25      Ottawa, Zaphod's  (19+)
26      Oshawa, Moon Room (all ages/licensed)
27      Ste Catharines, Viper Club (all ages/licensed)
        In store at Sunrise Ste.Catharines in the afternoon featuring
Broken Girl and *possibly* one of the other bands on the tour)
28      London, Call The Office  (all ages/licensed)
30      Hamilton, X-Club (all ages/licensed)

6       Winnipeg, Ozzie's (19+)
10      Calgary, Republik (19+)
21      Guelph, Albion (all ages/licensed)
27      Toronto, Lee's Palace afternoon show (all ages/licensed)
        Squirtgun show w/ Broken Girl and Orange Glass

These dates will soon be posted on www.subpop.com
or email loser\!/subpop.com and type "get email tour" without the quotes in
the body of the email for updates . . .

PS: I wrote 19+ though in some provinces it may be 18+ or 21+ you figure it
out, you live there.