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This is risky, but something had to be said...


This list is sure to be inandated with "love letter" reviews of the new
disc, and I can't help but think I'm slitting my wrists again, but I cannot
believe people are praising the new Sloan.  No I haven't heard the whole
album yet, but if the two singles I've heard are any
indication...well...y'know.  The "horn" song (sorry, didn't catch the title)
is something straight out of the Peter Cetera/Chicago handbook.  It sounds
as though they were trying to go for a "Got to Get you Into my Life"-type
thing but fell short.  I was never a really big fan of Twice Removed, though
I thought if they had to change their Smeared-era sound, they did a good
job.  I was surprised when "Coax Me" came out as I had no idea what to
expect.  That song took well to the stylistic change, but the new single
seems like they just went a bit too far.

I'm still going to pick the album up today, but I'm really afraid.  Is it
going to be a creeper or am I just going to end up using it as a coaster?
As it stands I'm still waiting for Twice Removed to kick in.

Coax Me...Geneyus.