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One Chord to a quik review

Hi well i've missed like a week of messages and you know what
THAT means so i'm posting this before getting to them.

Well it's June 12 and i got my copy of One Chord to Another and
even after just one listen it's WIKID guy. Well i did have some
advantage cuz CFNY new-music-previewed it so much that i got a
chance to listen to a few but i'm really happy with it.

Comments - HEY, i LIKE 400 metres! i remember when everyone was
           dissing it a while ago, its a good song!
           Beatlesque? yes. I read somewhere that Autobiography
           is especially beatlesque and that was no exaggeration
           and many of the vocal harmonies are beatles-beach boys
           and they're WIKID

Woo hoo G turns to D is on this songs cool. ok well heres songs
I like after only a coupla listens:
The Good in Everyone (first time iheard it i was like "well, its ok"
                      but i really like it now)
Autobigraphy (didn't grab me at first either but its wicks)
g turns to d (really poppy and fast)
a side wins (WOW this patrick songs is so amazing! i love it!)
The Lines You Amend (This is the CCR song right?)
400 metres (i already berated you all)

as for the other songs i just haven't listened enough to like them
i'm sure theres one that i'll never like or something like that but
i don't know yet.
Overall : wikid.

P.s. i'm for sure going to be at HMV to see local rabbits 2morrow
I'll be wearing hmm.... Blue Jeans, Green One-Stars, a button-up short
sleeved shirt with a black shirt underneath.
Phys desc.: about 5" 10', plastic black-framed glasses, OH YAH for
people who HAVE seen me already, i cut my hair! its all about 5 cm now
so don't look for the frizzy crap nemore.
And i'll be getting all the rabbits to autograph my cd.