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eric's trip in the chronicle herald

reprinted without permission, here's the herald's write up on the end of 
the road for eric's trip...

"Eric's Trip calls it quits"

Moncton, N.B.

	Eric's Trip is over.
	After six years and more than 20 recordings, the prolific 
Moncton-based alternative group is calling it quits.
	"Everybody keeps telling us that we're breaking up just when we 
are starting to make some money," says Rick White, the band's guitarist 
and leader.
	Formed in 1990, Eric's Trip (White, bassist Julie Doiron, 
guitarist Chris Thompson and drummer Mark Gaudet) put Moncton on the 
grunge music map and generated a cult following that spread across North 
America. The band played Halifax regularly and were compatriots of the 
Halifax band Sloan.
	That following grew by leaps and bounds last summer when the 
band, known for feedback-drenched low-fi pop, played on The Tragically 
Hip's Another Roadside Attraction Tour.
	Gordon Downie, The Hip's lead singer, became a big fan and 
mentions the band in a song on their latest chart-topping album, Trouble 
At the Henhouse.
	"He'd always come out and sit on the side of the stage and watch 
us all through the tour," White says of the Hip's intense singer. "It's 
funny, though, we were never big fans of The Tragically Hip before that 
	Eric's Trip, who will play their final gig on Sunday in Moncton, 
signed to the influential Seattle-based Sub Pop label in 1993. They 
released several CDs, seven-inch EPs and singles, and always insisted 
their albums be available on vinyl.
	White said the band has simply grown apart, musically and 
personally, and his decision to end it came suddenly during a long car 
trip home from a gig in New York City.
	"It was May 11, and it was a real foggy morning, and you couldn't 
see anything," he says. "It was all very surreal. And that's when i made 
my decision."
	"There's a song on the Love Tara album called May 11 that talks 
about a foggy morning. I always loved that song, but never knew what it 
was about. Now we know."
	Gaudet said he was initially shocked by White's decision.
	"Julie kind of blew up at him, but it was Rick's decision," he 
said. "He's always made the right decision. Maybe in some weird way, it's 
the right decision."
	White, his wife Tara, and Gaudet have formed another band called 
Elevator To Hell.
	When it's all said and done, White still can't put a label on the 
Eric's Trip sound.
	"I don't think we're alternative anymore," he said.
	"I think we're alternative to alternative, because Green Day and 
all those bands who were labelled alternative are getting airplay, and 
we're not."