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bendan wrote (how do i get elm to put this line in automatically???)

> PS. The show \!/ Bob & Lori's was simply smashing, the Avengers 
> kicked ass in a way only an avenger can kick ass. Piggy was 
> as good as ever, does anyone else find that they disliked 
> Piggy on first listen then later grew to love Piggy?.. I dunno,
> that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

My story is that I saw Piggy once and hated them so much that I actually
avoid going to any gigs where they are playing. I wanted to see herc too.
Who the hell were the Avengers 7?

Wednesday: sloan \!/ sam's 4 pm
           late cramps/rome plows \!/ birdland whenever.

Thursday: ?
Friday :jale
Saturday: inbreds

what a week!

except that I will have to miss Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!
or one of the weekend gigss...grrrrrrr......