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Re: igg-pay

> }Friday :jale
> }Saturday: inbreds
> }except that I will have to miss Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!
> }or one of the weekend gigss...grrrrrrr......
> See the flick.  The bands will play again.
> Andrew

uhh...I dunno about that...that movie gets old after about 10 
minutes...there is only so much bad acting by amazon-gravity-defying-women 
one can take...really...though I suppose it's one of those things you 
ought to see at least once in your life so you can say you have, and so 
that you have witnessed first hand that perhaps Ed Wood wasn't 
Hollywood's worst director after all, or that if he was, Russ Meyer 
should be a co-winner...

now, being the person in charge of casting would have been somethin' else...

Obligatory EC content :  anyone catch the Super Friendz on Much East hier 
soir ? not bad..anxious to hear if the GbV opening set will have lots of 
the new material...I've seen them way too many times in this past 
year...so brand new songs would be tres cool...oh, and about the "rescue 
us from boredom" video...I dunno...I think someone else said it, it 
seemed like a funny idea at the time but something got lost between the 
conception of the idea and the finished product...kudos for trying though...

oh, and that new Sloan song really kicks ass....holy crap...I wasn't 
gonna be doing much bandwagonesque stuff, but killer single...top of the 
pops baby !!!