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Re: igg-pay

On 10 Jun 96 at 17:09, graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca wrote:
}bendan wrote (how do i get elm to put this line in automatically???)

Hah!  You technologically-impaired computer-illiterate bozo! :)
BTW, why don't \!/ug accounts ever die?

}My story is that I saw Piggy once and hated them so much that I actually
}avoid going to any gigs where they are playing. I wanted to see herc too.

Well, you can always show up late.  Or go for pizza.

}Who the hell were the Avengers 7?

Mike Catano plays drums apparently.  The roster was posted a while 

}Friday :jale
}Saturday: inbreds
}except that I will have to miss Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!
}or one of the weekend gigss...grrrrrrr......

See the flick.  The bands will play again.

"...who would you trust to order the toppings?"-Clinton on Dole/pizza
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