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Re: This Weekend in Halifax

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Mike Pick wrote:
> You seem to be forgetting that (a) the Inbreds show is also a Rebecca West
> record release party and (b) the world famous Mambo Suns will be warming up
> the crowd, a slice of life not to be missed for the world.

a) will the rebecca west record actually be ready for release this time
around? :)

b) will they be bringing product, new and old, on the road with them next

c) who the hecky thump are the mambo suns? :)

angry about the poor timing of my move (i'm missing eric's trip AND sloan
in the same week?? what's up with that?? who planned this??? jerks.)

"Die `Funnyman!' Finita la commedia!" - Milk