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Re: weekend last/weekend this

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, james r. covey wrote:

> >Who the hell were the Avengers 7?
> amazing fun lounge/surf avec graham (piggy, mars we love you) on guitar
> (not drums), carla gillis (plumtree) on bass (not guitar), mike catano
> (state champs & 500 other bands) on drums (not bad), and some guy that
> i don't know playing keyboard.  go see them if you get a chance.

that's bill louch on keyboards....really good keyboard player at 
that...and all 'round nice guy! ...good dancer too ;) ;) ;)

> an inside tip -- the friday cheticamp gig isn't going to be the 
> real cheticamp.  so go see fpk!k! on friday.  it'll be over by 12:30,
> you'll probably catch some of the euphonic and you'll definitely catch
> jale.  that's what i'm going to do, anyway...

i know *i* certainly don't want to miss the euphonic...i thought they 
were *great* last time!