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Re: edenfest

>hi guys. I'm sorrie if this doesn't seem appropriate, but i would really
>appreciate some info on edenfest, if u guys could. Websites and stuff, who's
>playing, when, fun stuff like that.
>Thank u!

The web address for edenfest is http://www.edenent.com/default1.html. They
have a complete list of bands (I'm not even going to try). Ticket prices
went up on June 2 -- now they're $95 US or (I think) $130 Canadian.

My tickets just came in the mail today. They look great! Not like the
standard typed-as-you-wait ticketmaster tickets. They're really big and
shiny and purply and artistic (for concert tickets, anyway).

Now, between the 89X birthday bash, the tragically hip's US tour, and this,
I'll see sloan, the hip, and seven year bitch twice in 4 weeks...!   8-)