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jale album -- last track?

sheesh!  would everyone stop talking about sloan already?  what do you 
think this is, a newsgroup dedicated to them??   yuck. :P  ;)

> Let's not forget when ET was here and someone stole julie's pedal 
> (overdrive I think) from the Volcano. I imagine they don't like us too 
> much :(
ya, she did get it back, but julie did say that the person who stole it 
wasn't from the k-w area.  anyway, i'll beat up anyone who jeopardizes 
this broken girl show.  grrr...  (yup, all 4'11" of me... ;) )

onto the subject of jale..  what's the title of the very last song on the 
cd?  the one that comes on after "superstar"?   hmm... i think _so wound_ 
is a good album, although it's strange to hear songs (and vocals) from 
only 3 songwriters, as opposed to 4.  the packaging for the cd is 
amazing; really clever stuff!!  i like it a lot :)  there's a surprise 
hiding in every pocket ;)

(and how can you go wrong by using yellow as your main colour?  woo-hoo!)

			...sizzle teen

p.s  for kids with dr. disc record stores near them -- the s***n cd will 
be $13.99 this month.  what a deal.

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