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Re: Sloan in Detroit/in your homes/dating your daughters


On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:
> ps+/ is anyone besides *neal maher and his weird friends* participating in
> some sort of sick "sloan's new album is released today" ritual on
> wednesday? 

i was discussing this with some of my friends. we had plans to put 
together a sloan themed partay where invitations were sent out to 
inter-generational penpals to coax them to come. we would drink o.j. and 
lemonzinger and raspberry tea, people would suck on peppermints and 
play games like 500up. there would be snacks called "i've got a thing for 
cheese" and everyone would wear bells on their pumas, and the event 
would end when everybody kissed me kissed me (or bit me on the cheek) and 
left but then they missed me missed me and came back, etc etc etc,
lisa c-w.