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local rabbits

The Local Rabbits played here in 
Charlottetown on Saturday -- it was a great 
show.  Those boys are my kinda rock stars.

buddy played first.  I hate to be blunt, but 
they sucked. 
Toothpaste Dentifrice played second -- they 
are one of my two favourite bands from PEI 
(the other being the Ewoks -- all you Motes 
fans out there would love them).  They are 
very much like Shadowy Men...they played a 
short, yet exceptional set.
T42 played next -- a good set...nothing 
extra-special, but I like them.
Supercar played before the Rabbits...and 
they were in rare form...although they 
always do a good show, this was one of their 
best (although the sound sort of sucked, but 
that's a long long story)

The Rabbits took the stage last, and they 
just blew everyone away...after a lengthy 
soundcheck (they missed the real one having 
missed their ferry like all bands that come 
here...they're all either missing the ferry 
or catching them a day early =) ) started 
up...they played all their hits and more...
these are some active guys...there was 
climbing over the barrier and into the 
crowd, scaling the building to get from 
the stage to the third floor and oh so much 


ps/ look for the doughboys and elevator to 
hell on tour in a venue near you next month