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RE: sloan release

There are no plans for midnight openings on Tuesday night to sell the Sloan 
album (anywhere, including HMV on Yonge St. in Toronto) at this time.  You 
should definitely check with the record store you prefer to shop at to see 
if they are going to be staying open past midnight to sell it, otherwise you 
will end up standing out on the street with your cash in hand and no CD 
until the following morning - and that's no fun!  The record stores can sell 
it after midnight, but I don't know of any plans for anyone to be doing so. 
 Call first!  Otherwise, get up early Wednesday because it should be going 
on the racks as soon as the doors open.

From: heather
To: JRcovey+sloan
Subject: sloan release
Date: Sunday, June 09, 1996 8:28PM

Okay, I don't know if I'm just really out of it, but is the new album being
released at midnight in Toronto?  At the superstore, no doubt?  Are there
any other HMV's with closer locality to Oakville where I could take
advantage of that?

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