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Re: introduction

On 10 Jun 96 at 10:29, rwaterma\!/beothuk.swgc.mun.ca wrote:

So what?  Why would you discourage someone from listening to a 
particular group of bands? Is it because you are afraid? They might 
be better than you? Well, support each other, because it all pays 
off in the long run.


}> fave EC bands: Sloan, thrush hermit, erics trip, elevator to hell, hip club
}> groove
}> fave canadian bands: grasshopper, poledo, chix diggit, salmonblaster,
}> scratching  post, smugglers, gob, propagandhi, mcrackins( cause there bigger
}> then oasis),   and ORGANIZED RHYME( I know you all used to like them, fess up)
}> other cool bands: sebadoh, archers of loaf, pavement, fugazi, op ivy, minor
}> threat, rocket from the crypt, guided by voices, sunny day real estate
}> fave east coast songs: same old flame-sloan, giddy with the drugs-thrush
}> hermit,  happens all the time-erics trip, jizz-hip club groove
}> fave songs: the freed pig-sebadoh, painted soldiers-pavement, throwing
}> things-superchunk, wrong-archers of loaf, small man big mouth-minor threat
}> sHaWn - hoping organized rhyme get back together soon =)