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Fear the reaper...

Hey kids, I am just writing to say that I hope everyone
can exercise proper judgement when posting about the new
Sloan record that is coming out. If you are planning a 
post *think* about it and decide if it has already been 
said or not.. there is no doubt that most people will 
like it, so you don't need to say stuff like "oh boy, I 
just got OCTA and it rawks.. Jay Ferguson is like David 
Bowie, and Patrick is like Keith Richards.. *gush*". 

I am just fearing the inevitable flood of dumb mail that
will fill my box for the next few months. That will be all.

The Brendan in Everyone.

PS. The show \!/ Bob & Lori's was simply smashing, the Avengers 
kicked ass in a way only an avenger can kick ass. Piggy was 
as good as ever, does anyone else find that they disliked 
Piggy on first listen then later grew to love Piggy?.. I dunno,
that's my story and I'm stickin to it.