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I'm really sorry if I'm repeating myself, but I made a couple posts 2 days ago
and I don't think they got thru, and if they did then somethings wrong w/ my
mailbox 'cause I haven't had any sloan.net for 3days (its been horrible!).  so
I'm gonna repeat some questions.

Does anyone have any info on a Sloan/jale concert taking place in Detroit? 
Some 89X birthday thing or something.  I was wondering where, when, how much,
all ages? etc.

if you want Sloan/Eric's Trip guitar tabs check out
there is a Sloan song transcribed called Guidance Counsellor. does anyone know
where it is from?

I saw the new Sloan video and it was wicked, but I didn't get it, so I called
some movie stores about Slow Rider, that movie Colin Mackenzie suggested
renting, but no one had it.  Any tips on where to get it?

and one last thing.  I know it is a very inane question, but does anyone know
how old jale are?  just wondering.

David R


see you at the Opera House June 26!