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Re: Sloan in Detroit/in your homes/dating your daughters

On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Paul Regan wrote:
> I just saw the Sloan video, and I thought it was freakin' brilliant.  I phone
> up a couple movie stores to ask if they had that movie, Slow Rider, which the
> video is supposedly based on, but they didn't have it.  Any info on where I
> should look for it?

under "e" for _Easy Rider_ or perhaps "f" as in Fonda, Peter. :)


ps/ since we're already talking about letters of the alphabet, how about
that "G turns to D"? what a winner, baby.

ps+/ is anyone besides *neal maher and his weird friends* participating in
some sort of sick "sloan's new album is released today" ritual on
wednesday? joe chan and i are going to panhandle on 8th avenue all morning
to raise funds to buy a copy of the album which we'll have to share
(which, now that i think about it, will be hard, considering one of us
is staying and one of us is leaving) and then at 4 pm (mountain) we'll
play the whole darn thing for the millions who tune into his so-called
radio show (available in most major markets on satellite feed, check your
local listings) "Stick it to the Chan" (he's clever, hey, girls?). we
believe in sharing the love.

"Die `Funnyman!' Finita la commedia!" - Milk