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Re: The name; Laura Borealis news

>PS: Laura Borealis was asked to direct the next Sebadoh video! Nothing's
>been confirmed yet, they haven't checked out her ideas or anything, but
>isn't that great? Notes of congratulations and orders for her snob shop
>10" can be sent to her Special Crap Office Address at PO Box 1515, CRO,
>Halifax, NS, B3J 2Y3.

On the Sebadoh list a famous comdedianne was hinted at by Anne Slinn (and
you don't get closer to the band than she is without being IN the band).
She hasn't given any names yet, but according to a post from Sub Pop this
comedianne decided she wasn't up to it and bowed out. Could this be Laura
Borealis? On the other hand, I don't think she's famous (at least not in
the states), so maybe she's who they brought in after the orignal person
bowed out...?