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Re: name name

On  9 Jun 96 at 13:13, ristow\!/voyager.net wrote:
}Thanks, everyone who answered that. I'd kinda been wondering if they hadn't
}named themselves after a plumbing company. See, there's a line in
}"Underwhelmed" that I've never been sure I figured out correctly -- "loosen
}up on your way to the LC" is the closest I've come (is it really LC?) --
}and I was in a public restroom awhile ago and happened to notice Sloan LC
}Sloan LC Sloan LC stamped into the valve atop the urinal...

I assume it was actually Sloan VC (Valve Company) and you were 
looking a little crooked.

"LC" in the song is short for NSLC which stands for Nova Scotia 
Liquor Commission (For any Yanks out there, we can't buy booze at 
corner stores in NS, we have to go to official government-owned 
liquor stores).  So she told him to loosebn up because he was 
nervous about buying booze (and probably underage, as well as being a 

So James, who was writing that FAQ?