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Re: sloan review (not from me, unfortunately)

On  7 Jun 96 at 22:20, ender\!/mail.accent.net wrote:
}btw, I believe that Barbie's famous words were "math is tough" - not "math
}is hard"  ;)    1+1=....

Well, even though most people quote it as "Math is Hard", it turns 
out we're both wrong:

Mattel says it erred; teen talk Barbie turns silent on math.
The New York Times 21 Oct 1992 

  Mattel Inc. has decided that the computer chip that randomly 
selects four phrases for each Barbie doll will now pick from 269  
selections, not 270, leaving out the phrase "math class is tough" 
in response to protests by the American Association of University 
Women and many others.