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various things (waye, do not "destroy before reading"!)

hello. does anybody know if Waye is still on here? if so, waye i still
haven't received the essen tape and i am starting to wonder just *how
long* it takes for this letter to cross the atlantic. usually it gets here
in a week, not in half a year. ;) seriously, is it on it's way (yet) ?

second, if anyone of you is going to lollapalooza this year, you might
want to check out the first swedish band on there ever. the band is called
fireside and play really good kind of emo-core with quicksand-sounding
vocals over a Jesus Lizardly noise. they are signed to american recordings
and are very, very good. 

shant, did you get the package yet? (adam, your tape is in it)

and for east-coast content, what does the cover to the new sloan album
look like? _twice removed_ had a, umm, kind of odd cover and the cover
of _smeared_ was very appropriate to the time and the mbv-ish sound, so
what about the new one?

also, gordon isnor's 'zine left hip has also reached these shores, and
wow, is it ever good. very nicely done, and the tape that came with it
isn't bad at all. i just wish the tim robbins experience wouldn't be so
very obvious in making a point of joking around.

state champs, mike and/or mark mail me. i need pictures and music.

over and out,