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Re: sloan review (not from me, unfortunately)

At 03:18 PM 6/7/96 -0400, lisa wrote:

>speaking of bryan adams (i _know_ that this is not relavent) but did you 
>know that he was to receive an honorary degree from queen's university 
>and speak at convocation except he decided at the last minute not to come 
>because he had to "prepare for the world tour"? jeez!
  Yeah, guess he had to start rehearsing all his brand spankin' new
material...  memorizing the words to the ridiculously titled "I wanna be
your underwear" and stuff like that... the poor, poor man... Will he ever
live it down? ;):)
                             17 til' I die (or at least til I turn 18...),

btw, I believe that Barbie's famous words were "math is tough" - not "math
is hard"  ;)    1+1=....

  art is chaos put into perspective