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attn: torontonians? (not much EC content)

hi, it's me bwwieser\!/unixg.ubc.ca here on a temporary account.  Does anyone
know of any non-NXNE shows in Toronto on the 14th that my band (tonebursts)
and Chickpea (from ottawa) might be able to squeeze onto?  I know during
MusicWest there were a few boozecans and after-hours shows going on.  Is
anything like that happening there?  Anyway, if we don't have a show that
night, we'll probably just go check out some show or something.  Can anyone
privately email me if there's any cool shows happening? 

also, is anyone anywhere in southern ontario interested in setting up a show
for us, chickpea, the grace babies and splitsville on the 24th?  <---east
coast content!

Oh, also, for those SloanNetters in New England, it's your last chance ;)  to
catch us before we go to Ontario, in Providence, Rhode Island at an all ages
show this monday evening.  We'll have lotsa nifty west coast canadian stuff
(speedbuggy, bonaduces, spacekid, gaze) with us if yer interested in
acquiring it

brian, who's REALLY mad that he can't hear Realtime tomorrow night for those
new Sloan songs...grrrrrrrrrrrrr