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Re: Eric's Trip Questions

not a stupid question at all 
the Gordon Street Haunting 7" is all Sub Pop has left from the list below.
it is available via 1-800-SUBPOP-1 (mail order) or via better record stores!


At 16:29 96/06/04 -0600, John Nattrass wrote:
>Hi! This probaly will seem like a stupid question and everyone will know the
>answer but me. oh well. Can I still get "songs about chris", "the gordon
>street haunting" and the "never mind the molluscs" comliation. Could you
>please let me know because subpop hasn't answered yet. Also I'm new to this
>technology(and sloan net!) so could some tell what I have to do to go to the
>meeting thing. 
>Thanks alot Brad