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sloan review (not from me, unfortunately)

 I know that we're all going to be bombarded (well, maybe not bombarded) w/
reviews and the like for the new album, but anyhow, this week's Now mag gave
the record four stars (um, N's) out of five, plus one of those special
critic's pick deals.  Yay!!
  ...and on a similar note, Metallica's latest effort only got a measly 2
N's - and there were legions of fans at the downtown TO HMV store at
midnight on the release date trying to be the first on their respective
blocks to pick up a copy... so sloannetters - midnight. Next week.  Be there
and be the first :)  Let's put those metalheads to shame!!
                                 leading the dust dance,

ps. Mr. Rodenhiser wants a prediction for the next Sloan album title? 8
words you say... it's gotta be "The only thing that looks good on me is you"
...oops, but that's 10... ;)

  art is chaos put into perspective