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Super Friendz...

yep...the posters at the Cabaret in Montreal also ommited the Super 
Friendz as openers for GbV and Rail Road Jerk (I went to see afghan 
whigs and holy crap did they kick ass...they make everyone else look 
so amateurish...cello, and piano and percussion...don't see that very 
often nowadays)...but in any case I don't think that's 
so unusual. Rail Road Jerk are opening for GbV pretty much for the whole 
eastern leg of the tour, whereas the Super Friendz are only joining those 
two bands for a couple of dates (maybe even only Toronto and Montreal).
So maybe they just got ommited from the posters, ya know ?
word has it that in Australia, Superchunk will be opening for GbV...can 
you believe those lucky sods ???