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Re: The name; Laura Borealis news

On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, alan wrote:

> Anyone know where Sloan's name came from?
> alan
They had a friend called Jason Larson, whose boss called him the slow one 
-the slo-an. Kearney Lake Rd, the band Chris and Jay used to be in, were 
going to release a record called Sloan right before they broke up, so the 
name had been floating around.
	Oh, and that's the original sloan guy in the Polaroid picture on 
the cover of Peppermint
				ta da,

PS: Laura Borealis was asked to direct the next Sebadoh video! Nothing's 
been confirmed yet, they haven't checked out her ideas or anything, but 
isn't that great? Notes of congratulations and orders for her snob shop 
10" can be sent to her Special Crap Office Address at PO Box 1515, CRO, 
Halifax, NS, B3J 2Y3.