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Re: The name; Laura Borealis news

On  6 Jun 96 at 9:58, hharkins\!/is.dal.ca wrote:
}They had a friend called Jason Larson, whose boss called him the slow one 
}-the slo-an. 
}    Oh, and that's the original sloan guy in the Polaroid picture on 
}the cover of Peppermint

More trivia:

The letters in JASON LARSON can be rearranged to spell SLOAN ON 
JARS, a hidden reference to the turn-of-the-century cure-all Sloan's 
Liniment, a mentholated Vicks Vapo-Rub type concoction.

The Peppermintep was named after Pat Pentland, by reference to 
Peppermint Patty in the Chales Schulz Peanuts cartoon.

Anyone have any idea where the album names came from?

Laura Borealis' real last name is, believe it or not, Crappo.  Thus 
the name of her band (which in it's current Crappo 2 incarnation 
includes a few Hermits, Ian at least) and her Special Crap Office.  
Borealis is a much nicer moniker, methinks.