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Re: sappy, and other questions

On  5 Jun 96 at 0:03, hbos\!/kent.net wrote:
}    I think that the last E.T. concert should be bootlegged and 
}available to all!!!!!!!!!

That would be, like, copyright infringement, and illegal!

}    And last of all (!!!!), does anyone know what label the old E.T. 
}stuff will be released on?

Sappy, via Sub Pop?

}    Actually, I'll stuff one last question onto the end.  Because 
}sloan is no longer on DGC but murder, this means less distribution due 
}to financial restrictions.  Does this also mean that new Sloan singles 
}will not be appearing as much on the airwaves as they would have if they 
}were on (Arma)Geffen?  

Given Geffen's lack of promotion for Twice Removed, and the media 
buzz (though I'm tainted by being in Halifax in that respect: Are 
they getting national buzz?) about OCTA, I hope that the singles 
will get more airplay.


PS Has anyone else noticed that the title of the nth full-length 
Sloan release contains 2^(n-1) words?  Start dreaming up an 8-word 
title for album #4.

PPS the first letters of the album titles can be rearranged to spell 
A. R. SCOTT.  What's Andrew's middle name?

(Or maybe it's A. SCOTT R., eh, brother?)