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Re: IRC...where was everyone???

On  5 Jun 96 at 23:14, s.parker\!/sympatico.ca wrote:
}Hey! I tried desperatly to set up #sloan-net on undernet but it is a two to
}three week process and you need 10 supporters who will frequent the channel
}24 hours a day.

Uh, ok.  It's been a few years since I used IRC, but when I did I 
could simply create a channel with any unoccupied name I wanted, and 
sit there waiting for people to arrive.  Creating a permanent 
channel is another story, but if you set a time for everyone to meet 
up then all you need to do is agree on the name of the channel and 
then create it yourself if noone else is there yet.

No need to create a SmurfBot or anything complex like that.  Though 
that could be fun.