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Re: Local Rabbits' name

On  6 Jun 96 at 2:44, cc196\!/freenet.carleton.ca wrote:
}actually, this picture really does exist. my friend discovered that her
}parents owned a number of jethro tull albums and so she went on a hunt for
}this mysterious rabbit.. and low and behold, there it was.

So, does anyone know which particular album this is? 

Helen, did your friend play the records?  Could be some good stuff 
there.  The only time you hear Jethro Tull around Haltown anymore is 
at the Seahorse (at least, I think they still play that kind of 

Wish my folks had Jethro Tull albums instead of all that country 
music.  But then I'd have less fun at Orton's show.

Eyeing little girls with bad intent,