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One Chord to Another - a review

Boyz and gurls,

Yes, I did manage to tape an advance off a friend, thus I have had the new
Sloan record in my car for the last couple of days. I know that other people
have had unsequenced copies for quite some time.

Anycase, here's a rundown of the record:

1)The Good In Everyone -- the single. Just about everyone's heard it and the
video was played this afternoon. Odd choice for a single, being very short,
and there are much better tracks on the record. It's funny, isn't it, that
Sloan almost always pick poor singles. After all, Penpals was the obvious
"hit" off Twice Removed.

2)Nothing Left to Make me Stay -- kind of British sounding, with Chris
Murphy singing. Similar in a way to Sugartune, but not nearly as noisy.
Chris' vocals are a touch off at the start, but the main riff is really clever.

3)Autobiography -- another catchy Chris Murphy number, kind of similar to "A
Day in The Life". Kind of acoustic with a bit of a shuffle. Clever lyrics
from Murphy, with a lot of his wordplay running throughout. One of the
strongest tracks on the record.

4) Junior Panthers - what's sounds like a Jay Ferguson number, it is very
Beach Boys circa Pet Sounds. Quiet with big "ooooo" harmonies. Interesting
that a couple of years ago, when I interviewed him, all he did was talk
about the Beach Boys Smile.

5) G turns to D -- a rocker. Sounds a bit like a Superfriendz tune, with
abrupt stops. A touch like the Jam. 

6) A side wins -- the song that Andrew Scott sang on the CBC, it is perhaps
Sloan's strangest release to date. That doesn't make it a bad song though.
It chugs along like a bar room piano number played by a drunken pianist.
Cool chorus. With their present pattern, it will probably be the next single.

7) Everything You've Done Wrong -- A Patrick Pentland number that would
sound perfectly in place on Revolver. Sloan's biggest departure on the
album, with horns all over the place and a really silly ending that almost
ruins the song. A bit of overkill here. The band's version of "Got to Get
You into my Life."

8) Anyone who's Anyone -- Only Chris Murphy could sing a song with a title
like this. Very White Album, with a really cool noisy fade in and a great

9) The Lines You Amend -- Jey Ferguson's best song to date, with a touch of
Credence Clearwater Revival meeting the Velvets near the beach. Lyrically it
is very much in the vein of Snowsuit Sound and has a great middle eigth with
a harmony that reminds me of I Hate my Generation. The best song on the
record, and an obvious single (though it might be a touch long). A great
line about Ringo Starr's album Photograph is there too.

10) Take The Beach -- kind of similar to Oasis' Rock and Roll Star -- which
means it sounds like Bang a Gong, though the vocal line isn't the obvious
rip off that Oasis' song is. Very glam and great -- single potential. Subtle
horns to towards the end which cumulates in Murphy yelling "whooh". 

The last two tracks I don't have titles for:

A Patrick Pentland song that sounds very Brit poppy and is quite catchy.
An Andrew Scott song that has a Revolver feel as well. Backwards guitar
loops and all.

Conclusion: It's been worth the wait kids, and might be Sloan's strongest
effort. Very retro, without ripping off one identifiable sound. The Beatles
are there -- so are the Velvets and Credence and New Wave. But what does one
expect? Sloan doesn't live in some vacuum, and if they are stealing from
anyone, it isn't as obvious as the thefts some other groups make. 

The record is also not completely immediate in the way that Smeared was. But
don't worry -- I'm sure it won't come off the CD player for a bit.

I'm also sure there are other people on the list who haved a copy. Any
comments -- don't be greedy now.


"A big fan of today's young people"