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Re: Local Rabbits' name

> >From The Daily News Online, http://www.hfxnews.com/
> The name (and the band) were born five years ago when a junior high 
> health class teacher asked Elkas, Ben Gunning and Johnny T. Starr to 
> compose and play some songs about good nutrition.
> "We thought, `Well, which animal eats the best food?'" Elkas 
> explains. "We figured it must be rabbits because they like to chew on 
> all that roughage. And local, well, we were all from the same 
> neighborhood."

fkin' elkas... grr... ok, where the hell did the rabbits get their name 
from??  i no longer know.  i asked the same source twice, and he gave me 
two different answers.  does this mean they told me the truth the first 
time i asked them about their name!?!?..  i think i've learned my 
lesson to never believe cute boys that steal my heart...

here are the options:
1.  someone scrawled it (local rabbits) on a binder
2.  someone commissioned them to make songs about nutrition
3.  from seeing the words under a picture in a jethro tull album.
4.  because they are actually loco (crazy) and rabid  :)  heehee :)

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