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there is a couple pharagraphs about the local rabbits in the halifax 
chronicle herald today.it's short.it has a photo of them looking like 
they are from the 50's.
on an unrealated note.......

my kitty weezer (shitty band-cool name) loves jale.when ever i turn 
jale on her hHead comes up and she listons.she hisses if i turn it 
off.she only does it for jale.
something ironic.......

i enter all the contests on realtime and i have never won the ones i 
want to win.i enter one i don't want to win and what did i get in the 
mail yesterday? a fuckin' 54:40 cd! grrrrrr...why couldn't i have won 
somthing i wanted? well i did however get a realtime fridge magnet 
and note pad:) i didn't even open the dumb cd.i'll sell it.anyways i 
had to anwer a question like "who would you trust with your millions?" 
i said i'd trust the super friendz because i think they are really 
nice guys.everytime i read or see an interview i'm on the floor 
laughing.i didn't hear me win,i just recieved the cd,did anybody hear 


"kissing you is like sucking on a toothpaste covered orange."