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News Items

Two interesting tidbits from page 42(!) of the Sunday Daily News:


    Advance copies of Sloan's much-anticipated third album - One 
Chord To Another - are now making the rounds to music critics and 
radio stations across the country, paving the way for the June 12 
general release.
    The dozen new songs will be music to the ears of all those Twice 
Removed fans out there: smart, Bluenosey Brit-pop that's bound to 
whip Sloanmania back up to fever pitch this summer.
    And beyond the music itself, One Chord To Another will likely be 
a mini-boon for the local music economy.  First off, it was cut 
almost entirely in Halifax's Idea of East Studios (in other words, 
the band's recording budget wasn't spent on foreign soil).
    More significantly, however, One Chord is owned entirely by 
Sloan's label, Murderecords.  Because both Twice Removed and Smeared 
legally belong to David Geffen's DGC label, the band and their label 
have seen precious little of those records' proceeds.
    With their latest record, on the other hand, the band members are 
counting on most of the gravy for themselves and for Murder.
    "It's not like we're going to get filthy rich because of this, 
but at the end of the day we'll probably be earning about four times 
as much as we did (from) the other records," says Jay Ferguson, who 
handles most of the band's day-to-day Murder dealings.
    And what are they planning to do with the anticipated profits?
    We're not going to go ballistic signing new bands or anything," 
Ferguson says.  "With the Superfriendz and the Local Rabbits and our 
record, I think we've got a pretty strong roster right now.  We just 
want to make sure we're taking care of the people we're already 
working with."

--Andy Pedersen


    Some of Haltown's hottest hip hop posses will be in the house - 
and outside of it - on Thurs. June 6 and Fri. June 7 at the Cafe Ole 
on Barrington Street.
    Hip Club Groove, Witchdoc Jo Run and Papa Grand are but a few of 
the performers who will take part in Freestyle Quarters.
    The Thursday show starts at 8:30 pm, the Friday show at 9pm.  
Tickets are $3.75.

-- someone who obviously doesn't understand hip hop or it's