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happy new jale day!

Happy new JALE day everyone! 

        For those of you who don't have "So Wound" yet, you don't know what
you're missing, it's great! Since Dr. Disk didn't have it (I went all the
way downtown for nothing!) I had to go to the mall. Some advice:
        "So Wound" at HMV = $21.99
                   at Music World = $21.99
                   at Sam's  = $16.99

Also, there's this magazine called huH and the june issue has an article on
the E.C "music scene", which they seem to think is a fiddle infested prison.
They also spelled Thrush Hermit "Thruish Hermit"! And to quote the author,
John Bitzer, "Atlantic pop band The Inbreds have just moved here [Halifax]."
Since when is Kingston Ontario considered "Atlantic". Doesn't anyone proof
read these things!          

Finally, does anyone in the Windsor, Ontario area know if there is a shuttle
bus going to the 89X 5th Birthday Bash? (sloan, jale, & now rusty-for those
who care) I couldn't get through to the station tonight.  I've got the
tickets but need transportation.  

Anyway, I've babbled on long enough and now I must go study for exams. joy :)

Sarah Wilkki

ps. good luck to all other high school students stuck studying!
"I understand your point, so don't get your nose out of joint"