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Re: tim robbins experience.

the tim robbins experience song, "the pros & cons of living on the edge" is
on the bubblegun records compilation: "blow hard & pop" and it is still


>On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, james r. covey wrote:
>> only three tracks have been released by TRE, i think.
>> - one on the first _left hip_ compilation -- no longer available.
>> - "countdown to the grammys" on 
>> 	the latest _left hip_ compilation -- still available.
>> - and one on the _blow hard and pop_ compilation, i think.
>>   i don't have it yet so maybe someone can fill you in re that one.
>don't quote me on this, but i think tre was also on that no class 
>compilation from many years ago...they were apparently the hidden track 
>or something..i've never heard it but it was mentioned on the back of the 
>first sloan newsletter thing....

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