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sappy, and other questions

	I think that the last E.T. concert should be bootlegged and 
available to all!!!!!!!!!
Well, sorry to bother you all, but I have a few questions for anyone in 
the know.
	First of all, is the Inbreds single on Sappy (or murder. for 
that matter) a reality?  
	And second of all, has the broken girl/moonsocket single been 
released on Eek! records yet?
	And last of all (!!!!), does anyone know what label the old E.T. 
stuff will be released on?  I have dubbed copies of some of the self 
released stuff, and the Julie songs on it are excellent.

	Actually, I'll stuff one last question onto the end.  Because 
sloan is no longer on DGC but murder, this means less distribution due 
to financial restrictions.  Does this also mean that new Sloan singles 
will not be appearing as much on the airwaves as they would have if they 
were on (Arma)Geffen?  
	Sappy night at call the office in London Ont.  Radioblaster,
Broken Girl, Moonsocket, and others (at least that's what the phone 
message told me).


P.S.  ever notice that the two pictures in the superfriendz Mock Up, 
Scale down album are exactly the same?  It's freaky how close their 
positions are!