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how to get the new sloan LP. and more.

>... I thought the chorus to Coax Me was "Coax Me... cajole
>me" instead of "Coax Me .. control me".  Is it my ears?

is *what* your ears?
:-) just kidding.  
you are correct -- the phrase in question is "cajole me."

not "joey."  :-)

>Un autre question.... Here in the states, we don't have any
>word on a new Sloan release.... do I have to drive up
>to Vancouver to buy the CD or does anyone have an info. on
>a US release?
>Anyone willing to buy me a copy when it comes out? I can
>send a money order... or better yet... are there any good
>online CD stores that might sell it via internet?

hey folks.  murderecords is an indie label.  that means
they fill mail orders.  you may not be aware of this because
murder don't really advertise the fact on sloan net, which
is kind of strange.  but you can reach them by email.
murder\!/ra.isisnet.com is the address.  they'll send you a
catalogue and many fine records.

sloan net will have a web page up in the next few weeks,
and i hope to list addresses for the various labels that
purvey east coast musical product.  coming soon, i swear.


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