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Coax Me - Cobain

"B.R. McLean" <bmclean\!/ns.sympatico.ca> writes:

> 1.  I saw his widow speak on her forehead/ it was full of lines and sinkers
> --  This sounds like when Courtney Love read Cobain's suicide note to the fan

I think that Twice Removed came out before KC's suicide. If not I think
it must have been recorded before.

> 3.  It's not the band I hate it's their fans --A comment on the influx of
> Nirvana fans after Coabins's death?

Well, if you listen to the lyrics you can see that they are talking
about the band Consolidated. :)

> 4.  Coax me, control me  --Describing the pressure Cobain felt from the
> fans, record company etc.  to keep playing long after he hated it.

Right record company, wrong band. :)

> it.  Anyway, this goes on and on.  Is it my imagination or what?

I'm afraid so. :)

> P.S. I understand that Penpals was written from letters written to Niravana.
> Vrai ou Faux?

That's what the rumour is. I don't know if that was ever specifically
confirmed though.

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