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Coax Me- Kurt Cobain

Actually, your close with the Kurt link. "Bells On" was actually written by
Andrew Scott (sung by CM) and is about the troubled but beautiful
relationship between Andrew and Kurt Cobain.  We all know that Kurt was
wrapped up in becoming a wonderful painter, while Andrew wanted to continue
on being a musician- spreading himself among Maker's Mark, Sloan, and some
time with Phono Comb. Giving up music to live the life of a grunge Picasso
was Kurt's only aim after the time in rehab. This was always a source a
contention between the two. However, it reached a new high after Kurt tried
to live a life without substance abuse.  Hence the line "your heart is in
your art, and mine's in New York".

The whole "funeral" reference in this song is obvious, so hopefully I don't
have to mention it.  However, a little known fact is that Kurt Cobain liked
to wear lipstick and silver dresses.  Apparently he also liked to wear
green dresses- that is, until Mood Ring came out and it was no longer cool.
Andrew didn't mind this when they went out in public, except for the fact
that Kurt liked to stop at gravesites and roll around.  And, to be fair,
let's face it, that would get on anybody's nerves.

The mutual friend.  Well, that's obviously Courtney "I didn't do it- but
maybe" Love.  Poor Kurt, Toronto can be so far away.

As far as the "$30 owed"- I heard that one night at a party in New York,
Kurt and Andrew were really drunk and Andrew promised to give Thurston
Moore a free copy of the Twice Removed and Smeared CDs (totalling c.$30
US), but later denied it.  Thurston went out and bought them anyways, and
whined for months after that Andrew owed him $30.  Kurt kept relaying the
message to Andrew, but Andrew kept denying it.  Apparently, this caused
more than just a little dissension in the DGC ranks- and there was a "Sloan
owes Thurston" camp vs.the "No, Sloan shouldn't give them free copies"
camp.  Eventually, DGC chose Sonic Youth over Sloan, and refused to give
Sloan any further support for Twice Removed until they squared up with
Thurston. Well, we all know who won that battle.