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LONG MESSAGE - Les Amis Du Sloan Volume I :)

can we just have a few minutes here to let out a cheer? hooray, the DAT
for les amis du sloan volume I is *DONE*, kids. first thing first, i want
to say thank you to everyone who ever gave us (me and tara dc) some
encouragement and for everyone on the list for being so patient, because
we did this especially for you guys (ie/ don't expect to see copies of
this in yer local hmv, it's just for the kids who love sloan enough to
*know* where to find it! :)  ).

for anyone not in the know....tara da costa and me stupidly organized this
"tribute" (blah, what a stupid word) to our friends and yours, sloan,
sometime early last spring and due to our insanely busy lives (has anyone
tried to get email replied by tara dc lately? :) :) ), some technical
problems (ie/ me trying to learn what a DAT machine is), and slackass
bands (not all, just some. and they know who they are.), it has taken a
freaking long time to get this far. tara is still working on our zine that
will be sent to anyone who ordered the tapes, so email her for details. if
your band is listed below, please make sure you have contacted her with
bio information. if you would like to order volume I or volume II (which
should be done sometime in july) please email me for details. and of
course, if you are in a band and think you can do a sloan song justice,
email me for details, there is still room for maybe a couple more songs.

and now, the final lineup. :) here is what you can hear on volume I:

* NARDWUAR!!!! (Nardwuar takes on a very young, frightened Sloan on his
CiTR radio programme, Live from Thunderbird Hell, way back in 92. features
"Brad" who "hates" Sloan) [Note: the tape is worth getting just for these
parts alone, I swear! You'll never see Sloan in the same light

* "Deeper Than Beauty" - Anti-Catano Expectorant (Woohah!! Featuring a
certain ex-Pansy Division/current Prisonshake drummin' fool who can't
admit his love for Michael Damian Catano. They're from Illinois/Missouri.)

* "Median Strip" - Gaze (Good girl-vocals in the vein of Lois. from the
Vancouver area, recorded by the Tonebursts' Brian Wieser.)

* "Loosens" - Steaming Toolie (Hate the name, love the band. from
Fredricton, New Brunswick. Sweet vocals, even sweeter recorder. Jon
Bartlett, currently in Alberta planting trees is in this band and
strangely enough, he is the man behind a Guided By Voices tribute

* "Lemonzinger" - Fouret String Quartet (The kids from Toronto who stole
Jay Ferguson's heart with this honest to goodness string quartet
interpretation of the grungiest Sloan song ever!)

* "People of the Sky" - Best F&Chips (Hercules' (formerly known as
Piebald, formerly known as Mullane, formerly known as the Nines, formerly
known as tag...no wait....) front guy Jim "old man" Cooper does his best
Lou Barlow imitation in this low fi version of Andrew's Video Hit)

* and speaking of Louis, there's a clip of him slaughtering "underwhelmed"
and just gossiping with the kids after a Sebadoh show. with special
permission from Lou and Kathleen.

* "Raspberry" - Hitchiked (Special intro version...features our very own
beloved Tara Da Costa sharing the vocals with her pal Janet. you get to
hear tdc say "shit"...who woulda thunk...)

* "Take It In" - the Uhauls (features some guy who plays bass with Jim
and Brendan in Hercules (formerly known as Piebald, formerly known as
Mullane, formerly known as the Nines, formerly known as Prince...). If he
plays guitar only half as good as he bakes, then you know it's a gooder.
ps. It's a gooder, just watch out for the hair.)

* "What's There To Decide" - Sloanburst (from Vancouver, it's one half of
the Tonebursts (BW) doing a 180 degree turn with this song most of us
know as sad, droning, and soft - Sloanburst inject it with adrenaline.
There's actual sloan content on this song, as Brian plays with some drum
loop sampled from the Super Friendz circa CM.)

* "Snowsuit Sound" - Chris Murphy (Morning Breath Murphy as some might say
takes it down a notch with this early demo version of the Twice Removed
Classic. Sent by the murph himself especially for you guys.)

* "Underwhelmed" - Paulotia (from Vancouver, quite possibly the most
depressing version of a Sloan song anywhere. Vaguely reminiscent of the
Cranes, with Three Blind Mice thrown in for good measure.)

* "Torn" - Stunt Babies (Sloan a la Joy Division/FLA performed by this San
Francisco based project. I'm not sure if it should be considered
blasphemous or not, but since they all dig Stereolab, it is cool by me.)

* "Guidance Counsellor" - Stereomolehill (featuring a special cameo
(unbeknownst to him) by Matt Murphy and some tiny Sloan bit, this is a
song few of us know. it's sort of a SnobShop song, the project involving
Crappo 2's Laura Borealis and Chris Murphy and Matt Murphy. Sloan Net's
biggest Fan From Hell does a very convincing version...so convincing, CM
thought it was *him* on tape. ps. try to find the original, it's a tear

* "Rag Doll" - The Pope Joan (Sadly, this group is no more. based out of
Richmond, VA, they perform this Sloan b-side in a way that would make
Kevin Shields very happy. Tired of waiting for that new My Bloody
Valentine record? Take a listen to this.)

* "Penpals" - another demo version, this time with the whole band. It's
neat to hear the different harmonies in this version. yay, Sloan!

* "Snowsuit Sound" - Chickpea (The *sweetest* sounding part of the whole
tape. Ottawa's Chickpea include a lovely fiddle solo at the end of their
gentle interpretation.)

* "I Can Feel It" - Airship One (You've seen him at the top of the CJSW
singles charts, now hear him take on Sloan. Piano, inane chatter for an
intro, lots of beautiful guitar and vocal work from this Calgary artist,
with a little help from a Halifax friend.)

* "Marcus Said" - Sanisoft (Loved by CIMN, this Halifax group takes the
cake for the most fucked up version of a Sloan song. Definitely not what I
was expecting, but definitely worth the wait. Beg them not to break up,
they are capable of so much!)

* "Pillow Fight" - Curmudgeon (Drums by an ex-Haligonian who actually
hates Sloan, David Ledden of the London (UK) based Knuckles (formerly
known as Spine, as heard on Zedd Recordz). Bass by this year's host of
Lawnjam, Mike Graham (he has two AC outlets, sign up now). Guitar noodlin'
and cursin' a plenty by Jim Cooper of Hercules, formerly known as...aw,
forget it. And "vocals" (yeah right!) by our beloved listmanagerboy, James
Russell Covey. HILARIOUS!!)

* "Bells On" - Eril Fling (Nerdy Girl's Cecil Seaskull and her very good
friend Eric perform the most haunting, beautiful verson of an already sad
song. Lusciously produced, i might add. Sounds gorgeous, will make the
boys cry.)

* plus:
        - Patti Schmidt and James Covey on Brave New Waves gabbin' about,
          what else, Les Amis Du Sloan (for those who may have missed the
          original broadcast, you get to hear James giggle. He giggles
          more than Patti.)

        - Chris Murphy "singing" (a cappella) bits of "Amped" and
          "Sleepover" at the spur of the moment, egged on by two zany
          CJSW chicks. I know, you're all thinking "why is there so much
          of Chris and not more of Jay, Patrick, or Andrew?" To that I
          say, "duh." :) CM is not known for his shyness, ladies and
          gentlemen. :)

        - NARDWUAR! NARDWUAR! NARDWUAR! ("he's a national treasure" - CM)

a lot of these bands/artists have cassettes, seven inch singles, and full
length albums available. please send us email after you get your tapes if
you need more information on anyone on the tapes, which by the way, are
officially called _So Long Scarecrow_ (get it? ha. stupid sloan. makin'
everyone think they'd break up. those jerks.)

ok, that's about all i have to say, except that all good sloan fans will
probably want to ensure they order both volumes of this "just for fun"
tribute (ie/ no one is making cash on this, baby). stay tuned for volume
II details (in the lineup: orange glass, rick white, fire engine red,
yellow label, tiger tail, soft blanket, b'ehl, delirium's red dress, the
monoxides (allegedly...), tom sessler, aquakid, bob reeves (of sanisoft),
thee suddens, and much much more i'm probably forgetting right now. LOTS
of sloan tidbits that you won't find ANYWHERE else including live stuff
and vintage interview/radio spots...well, if the late 80s are considered

thanks for putting up with this huge wait, it is only a matter of a few
weeks til you have your own beloved copy, kids. :)

if you need any information or think i fucked up somewhere :) or just want
to remind me how stupid and obsessive tara and i are, please write.

thank you and good night, sloan net. :)

tara lee wittchen

ps/ thank you to everyone who contributed, willingly or otherwise. :)