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self indulgent post script

what the hey, i've already exploded everyone's inboxes, i'm sure. :)

for anyone who emails me about ordering les amis du sloan, about their
band being on volume II, or pretty much for anything else, don't expect a
rapid reply this week, gotta go to some convocations and that sort of
thing. apologies in advance, but be patient, i'll answer you sooner or
later. and by the way, for anyone who listened to realtime this week, that
WASN'T me talking about socks n' sandals. i have better things to do with
my time. :)

sorry for being so amazingly self-centred right now,

ps/ two of the bands on the les amis du sloan tapes are going on a
national, exclaim sponsored tour this month - chickpea and the tonebursts
(along with cheerleader and splitsville). make sure to check them out in
your city, you crazy canuck kids! anyone wanting info on dates/places can
email me, too. :)