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Re: moonsocket fans read this

On Fri, 31 May 1996 nstar\!/ibm.net wrote:

> About that Moonsocket/Piebald/Sanisoft show last week........
> Moonsocket are an opening band at best.  What's with apogizing 
> before your set, and explaining why they suck.  It's not charming or
> funny that we pay the money to see a band that hasn't even practiced 
> before their show.  Moonsocket were boring and self-indulgent.
> Everyone at the show should wonder why they sat through such three
> chord crap.  Was it because Moonsocket is a good band or is it because
> Chris Thompson used to play in Eric's Trip.  
	What? You didn't like the baby song? That was so sweet!! How did 
it go again? "We're going to have a baby/ It makes me so glad/ We're 
going to have a baby/ I'm going to be a dad" That was such a great song,